WARNING: Before you get sucked in to spending thousands of $$$ on a program that makes your life MORE difficult....Read the below:

Is your Calendar/Despatch Board Messy and Hard To Manage?

Yes... Then Read On to Learn About How To Make Your Life Easier, NOT Harder. 

Join us for this online workshop hosted by Penny Clements, the master automation queen with over 20 years of experience running the backend of Plumbing Businesses!

Get your own despatch board/calendar up and running in under 2 hrs - fully customised for your Plumbing Business!



Hey glad you're here!  We are SUPER excited to share this 'GET IT DONE' online workshop with you.

See, for months we've been asked to do a workshop on how to use different pieces of software to run your plumbing business, and we finally caved.  

But instead of just doing another run-of-the-mill workshop that is just filled with fluff and NO ACTION, we decided to do things a bit differently...

During our time together, we’re going to walk you through step-by-step a proven strategy for using a super simple scheduler.

No more confusion, no more wasted time & money, and no more running around looking for the right 'program'. This is just actionable steps you can DO right away to have a working despatch board.

You’re going to leave this workshop feeling inspired, and confident that you’ll have a working despatch board for your plumbing business.

So fill up on coffee, have your computer ready..., and join us inside!

PS. If you haven't already signed up for a Timely Trial Account - then do so HERE >>>

See you in the workshop!

- The Plumbing Profits Team

Learn How To Set Up And Use The Easiest Calendar Around

Yes - you heard that right - there is a calendar or despatch board that's super simple and easy to use. Unlike it's bloated and time consuming competitors - this program SAVES you time and makes your life easier!

BUT before we go any further.

Let's get all our dirty laundry out on the table.

Are we being paid to run this workshop by the software owners. NO.
Are we recommending this software because we may or may not get kickbacks. THAT'S A REALLY BIG NO.

So why are we running this workshop?
Quite simply because other plumbers wanted to know the secrets of how we ran an extremely successful multi truck maintenance business...with minimum admin staff...
and we want to share those secret systems with you.


What's Secret #1 Called? Timely.
Is it built for Plumbers?

No. Funnily enough it's built for hairdressers and salon owners... but before you start laughing and click away from this screen..... KNOW THIS >>>> It beats those programs 'written for tradies' hands down! Want to be able to save $$$ with less admin staff?.... then keep reading...




Super easy to use, we show you how to tweak it for your Plumbing Business

Timely is packed with features that help speed up your backend, and help you provide amazing customer service.


Will you use all of the features? NO.

We're being really honest here - we're not software salespeople, so we're not going to tell you that you'll use every part of this software. In our opinion not all of the features in Timely are suitable for your Plumbing Business..... BUT, the features we recommend you use WILL save you time.  Here's what you'll use:

>> Calendar
>> Customers
>> Messages
>> Marketing
>> Roster System & Staff Cards
>> Online Bookings




Can't I just do the Timely Tutorials to learn this?

Sure. If you're a Hairdresser. Or a Salon Owner. 

If you want to learn how to set this up for a plumbing business... then you'll want to do this Workshop.  This information is NOT available anywhere else. No-one else knows how to do this - you're getting access to someone who has actually run the backend of a super successful, award winning plumbing business USING TIMELY - you're not just shown the how to, but also the WHY.


Let's Talk Money

This is the rough cost for:

...what you could save in getting rid of a full time admin person that's needed to run your despatch board with extremely hard to learn software.

This is the rough cost for:

...booking in a Technology Training Specialist, getting a proposal, having your system implemented and staff trained... and then of course there's the ongoing paid 'assistance'....and all the down time.

This is the exact cost for:

> Doing this online workshop.
> Getting your staff to do this online workshop (at no extra cost).
> Having your own completely working despatch board that's a joy to use.

Let's Recap On What You'll Take Away From This Workshop

> How to Start your Timely Trial and Get 2 Weeks for FREE
> How to Set Up Timely from A to Z for a Plumbing Business
> How Best to Use the Features for a Plumbing Business
> Expert Advice from a Software and Automation Ninja

Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses with 2 or more staff.

1hr 45mins.

(Stop and start, and come back to it as often as you need)

As long as you're a paying member of THE PLUMBERS "BUSINESS SECRETS" COMMUNITY.

Yes. This system is for your calendar/despatch board. BUT >>> It will also be your CRM (customer relationship manager), your messaging system to both staff and customers, your email marketing system (links to Mailchimp) your roster for your team and your business dashboard.

Great question. The Timely team can help get this all done for you. It's really just a matter of you exporting your current customers into an excel spreadsheet or csv file and then they can help you import this directly into Timely.


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