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Easy Price Books for Plumbers is a cloud based pricing application designed specifically for the maintenance plumber.


From Hot Water Heater Repairs to Toilet Installations, you'll find it in the book!
Comes with all the every-day common plumbing tasks you'll ever need for your maintenance business.
Complete with descriptions, labour allowances, and material costs..... everything you need - and nothing you don't!
 Your prices, logo, and business details....
 Why photocopy someone else's books with their pricing, when you can get your own? 

Your very own Branded Price Books

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Your Own Rates

These books are set up with your rates, not anyone else's. All that's needed is your charge out rate, your service call fee and your business details!

Physical Books

If you want a set of Physical Price Books - you simply preview your book online (in your browser) and then hit Print.  Or save it as a PDF file and forward it to a Printing Service!

You can print as many as you want, for the office and for the team on the road.

Invoicing App

If you use an invoicing or field service program, eg. Xero, ServiceM8, GeoOp, Simpro, InvoiceASAP etc you can easily export a CSV file from Easy Price Books, ready to upload into your invoicing program.

Then you can use the tasks from within your invoicing package.

You have complete control over how you want your books to look. It's as easy as printing them at home, or sending the Printable file to your printer of choice - then display the book how you want it.

Demo - How To Add A Task


This is just one of the many instructional videos we have to help you get setup and using your books ASAP!

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Your Investment for your very own Price Books is an upfront payment of $795 AUD, and then $69/mth after that. You can print as many as you want for yourself or your Team, and cancel your subscription anytime.

NOTE: For our American friends $795 AUD is roughly $600 USD

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Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Want To Add More Tasks Into The Price Book?

If you can think of any other tasks you’ll need - just add them in.  You can add as many as you need - there's no limit.  Likewise if there's one's you'll  never use, you can easily delete them.

What Happens When I Place My Order?

1. You'll be sent to the Easy Price Books member area which has all of your instructions on how to create your account and log in.  You'll also find the help area within the member area which is full of how-to videos and help files.

2. If you need help in working out your hourly rate, we can schedule a quick phone call to help you.  There's a special "book a phone call" area within your members area to do this.

3. Once you've gained access to Easy Price Books, it's just a matter of filling in the blanks with your business details and hourly charge out rates.

4. Then it's simply looking over your list of plumbing tasks, adding in any extras you think you might need, and then previewing what your book will look like.

5. Once you’re happy with the prices and tasks, you simply hit PRINT and either head off to the printers or print them at home yourself.

6. That’s it.  5 Simple Steps to help you change your business for the better!

How Long Does It Take To Get My Pricebook?

If you don't need to add any tasks to the books, you can go through the setup to print stage in as little as 12mins 34secs. Then it's just how long it takes to print them.  So in theory you could be using your new Pricebooks within a day or two from purchasing them.  (Note: if you print them yourself at home - you could have them done in the same day!!!)

Can I Make Changes To The Actual Descriptions Of The Existing Tasks?

Sure. Pretty much all the fields in the program can be changed - names, descriptions, pictures, materials needed etc.

What's A Cloud Or Web Based Program?

In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer's hard drive. We love cloud based programs for the simple reason, you don't have to go back to the office and jump on the only computer in your office that has the software program on it.  There are still software programs out there that you buy outright and you're given 1 licence - which means it can only be used on one computer by one person at a time.  Sure you might own it, but you're very restricted with what you can do, and you may not ever get any updates.  Using a cloud based program means you can use the program on any computer, using any browser, anywhere, anytime, by anyone - total FREEDOM.  And the pricing is generally done on a month to month basis which is actually a lot better for your cashflow.....

What About If I Want To Increase My Charge Out Rates Or Service Call Prices Down The Track?

Sure - not a problem.  Just pop back into your program and add in your new rates, then reprint them.

What exactly do I get?

You get use of the online program for as long as you want. Your Plumbing Book data is kept securely for you in the cloud, which means the technology and software are constantly updated and maintained for you - you don't need to pay for system or software upgrades - YAY!  The actual data, is yours to keep forever.  You can download a PDF printable version of your book as many times as you need as well as a software ready .csv file to upload into your invoicing program.  And you get use of the new online Flip Book as well - which your whole team can use on any device. You are free to cancel your account at anytime.

Will It Work In Other Countries?

At this point in time Easy Price Books is written with the Australian and New Zealand plumbing maintenance markets in mind. HOWEVER - that's not to say that with a little rewording of some of the tasks you may find it suitable for use in the U.S or Canada.  For eg. we use the word TAP whereas you might use the word FAUCET. 

NOTE: There is also a separate Tax field that you can easily amend to suit which country you are in. 

Can I Cancel the ongoing monthly charges?

Absolutely. Any Time.  There are no contracts.  Just use the program for as long as you need and cancel when you no longer need it! Click on the Cancellation Request below and we'll begin the process ASAP.   Note: use of the program will be cancelled at the end of the current 30 day period you're in, which will give you enough time to extract any data that you might need.


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