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Print as many books as you need. No software, programs or contracts... just a downloadable PDF file that you can use to print as many books as you want!

These Flat Rate Price Books are designed specifically for the maintenance plumber. 


From Hot Water Heater Repairs to Toilet Installations, you'll find it in the book!
Comes with all the every-day common plumbing tasks you'll ever need for your maintenance business.
 Your prices, logo, and business details.....
 Why photocopy someone else's books with their pricing, when you can get your own? 

Your very own Branded Price Books

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Your Own Rates

These books are set up with your rates, not anyone else's. All that's needed is your charge out rate, your service call fee and your business details!

Physical Books

Your Price Book is sent to you by email as a PDF File. Forward it to Officeworks for printing, or print it yourself at home.  Print as many as you need.

Supply and Print For You

Don't have the time to get your books printed? Just want to click your fingers and have it done for you? Then why not get us to do this for you. Fast 5 day turnaround. (Additional cost - See below)

You have complete control over how you want your books to look. It's as easy as printing them at home, or sending the Printable file to your printer of choice - then display the book how you want it.

Want to see Sample Pages from the Price Books? Enter your email and we'll send a couple over!

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Your Investment for your very own Price Books is just  a one off payment of $697 AUD.  And you can print as many as you want for yourself or your Team!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Want To Add More Tasks Into The Price Book?

Once we've sent a draft copy over to you and you've had a look, if you can think of any other tasks you’ll need - just send them over by email.  Please Note: there is a limit of 5 new tasks. Likewise if there's task's you'll never use, we can delete them for you.  Extra Note:  if you do require more than 5 new tasks added, there is an additional charge for this.  Please email [email protected] for costs and what your requirements are.

What Happens When I Place My Order?

1. You'll be sent to a Price Books Registration Form which will ask you for all the necessary information we'll need to put your file together.

2. If you need help in working out your hourly rate, we can schedule a quick phone call to help you.  Just let us know by email - [email protected] or you can phone us on 02 8022-8477.

3. Once we have your details, ie your business name, licence #, phone etc and your charge out rates we'll input them into our program for you.

4. Then it's simply emailing you a draft copy to look over. You can preview what your book will look like, along with what the task prices work out to be.

5. Once you’re happy with the prices and tasks, you simply let us know and we'll send over the PDF file for you to PRINT.  You can either head off to the printers or print them at home yourself.

6. That’s it.  5 Simple Steps to help you change your business for the better! 

How Long Does It Take To Get My Pricebook?

Once we have your rates and business details please allow 2-3 business days for your PDF file to be created and emailed to you. If you don't need to add any extra tasks to the books, or make any changes to your rates... Then it's really just how long it takes you to print them.  So in theory you could be using your new Pricebooks within a week from purchasing them. 

Can I Make Changes To The Actual Descriptions Of The Existing Tasks?

You can add or delete up to 5 tasks, but the descriptions of existing tasks cannot be changed.  To have that flexibility you would be better off with the Easy Price Books Program where you can make as many changes as you wish within the Application.

What About If I Want To Increase My Charge Out Rates Or Service Call Prices Down The Track?

Sure - not a problem.  Each time you wish to change your Rates or other business details, there is a $399 AUD 'reset' fee. (Note - if this is something you feel you may need to do quite regularly, then it may be worth considering using the Easy Price Books Program where you can change things as often as you wish for no extra charges.)

What exactly do I get?

You get a PDF file (approx 115 pages in length) that you own outright.  You can print your book as many times as you need. 

Will It Work In Other Countries?

At this point in time the Download/Print Flat Rate Price Book version is written with the Australian and New Zealand plumbing maintenance markets in mind.

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