The Art of Using a FLAT RATE PRICING System:

How to Get The Most Out of It without Getting A Reputation as a Rip Off Merchant!

So.....You’ve Embarked On A New Way To Charge for your Plumbing Jobs.

Good For You!

You now get paid for your knowledge and skill, not just your time.




Will your Customers think of you as Hero or a Rip Off Merchant?



and the wrong way quite often doesn't get you the results you want!


  • Are you an owner struggling to get your guys to use flat rate, do they keep reverting back to charging by the hour?
  • Do you feel that you just can't use the Price Book for every type of maintenance job?
  • Would you like to know how to profitably quote those jobs you're still currently charging on an hourly rate?
  • You'd like to use flat rate on more jobs but you feel there's too many things that could possibly go wrong and you're a bit worried about losing money on a job.

Were there any YES's?

Then this live workshop is for you.

I hear you, and I understand exactly how you feel, when I first started using a flat rate system I was also only using it for a small percentage of my maintenance work for the same reason.
The thing is... there's a strategic 5-step approach to mastering flat rate pricing.  If you want to take Flat Rate Pricing to that Master level, and be ethical along the way, then it's going to take persistence and deliberate practice..... but you can totally do it.
Remember, anything that's worth having is worth doing! 

Let's Look At What's Covered

In a Nutshell - the best tips and tricks for learning and improving your skills, and to get you on your way to being an expert at Flat Rating.

You'll Learn to Master:


  • The process of investigating the reported problem
  • Questions to ask the customer
  • Giving different options.
  • Pricing add-on sales/tasks
  • Giving answers to questions your customer may have for you.
  • Choosing the right task or tasks
  • Quoting larger jobs
  • Quoting jobs like burst pipes.


What you'll take away is a step by step process of using a flat rate system. It doesn't matter what brand of flat rate system you're using. It's how you use it that will make the difference.


So you now have 2 choices: 

You can keep doing what you’re doing – shuffling along, taking small steps, hoping to get there by avoiding learning how to use this tool properly.... 
And this time next year, you’ll find yourself in the exact same position – knowing you need to do something, wishing you’d started back then, rather than leaving it for another year. 
You can bite the bullet, join me in this workshop, and MASTER the art of FLAT RATING.

Here's How This Works: 

We get that practice makes perfect. 🎯

So to allow you and your plumbers to take the flat rate process to mastery level, we have a couple of different options for training.  

The goal here is to practice and then apply what you learn in a real-world context.

Keep in mind >>
Our Live Group Trainings are only run in 3 months of each year - so if you don't want to wait another year, get in early!

Pricing Options

Choose which suits your situation best.



1 Person

2 x 90 Minute Sessions

Done over 2 Weeks

You pick a time that works for you

One to One Highly Customised Training

1 x Follow Up Phone Call

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for 2-4 People

3 Hours Training

Done in 1 Session

Held at Plumbing Profits Headquarters or Your Premises

Min. 2 Attendees - Max. 4 Attendees

1 x Follow Up Phone Call

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About Me.

I'm Steve Piper and I've been in the maintenance plumbing industry for over 25 years, you could say I know a thing or 2 about getting paid, using Price Books and dealing with customers. You may have heard of my Award Winning past business, The Pied Plumber, and if you live in'll no doubt have seen a magnet or 2 taking up residence on a fridge, or one of the trucks driving around.

I've taken many of my past staff and trained them in my unique service methods - my NO B.S and ethical standards have helped many of them to go on and thrive in their own businesses.

My mission is to re-educate Plumbers about sales and customer service – my firm belief is that, whether you charge by the hour or by the job, asking for money shouldn't be so hard, and that if you approach each job from a place of 'helping', not manipulation, everybody wins.


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