I'll Do It Later

Some will call this time management.

Some will call it an excuse not to do something you know you need too.

Time management is something you tell yourself you need to get better at, so you can get the stuff done you keep putting off.

Often time management is used as an excuse to justify your procrastination about doing something you know, you must do, deep down, to improve your current situation.

The truth is, the richest and most successful plumber in the world has 24hrs a day to get stuff done!  That's exactly the same 24 hrs you have to get stuff done.

The major difference between the successful plumber and the plumber just getting by each week, is the strategy put in place to handle what has to get done.  There's no "I'll try and do it next week, next month, after Christmas, after the baby's born, after the renovation is year".....................................! Am I being a bit harsh........Maybe....

But let's look at the facts for a second.....,...

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