Steve's On A Rant - Check Out This Customer Complaint Response!

Every now and then you'll reach that point.

That point where you just want to tell a complaining customer where to go!

This was a letter I wrote on one of those days.  Maybe a tad on the aggressive side.... but I felt so much better afterwards.  Needless to say I didn't hear back and I didn't keep this customer.

Would I recommend writing it again....

YES but in a scaled down version with a slightly softer approach - I've put a collection together of customer response letters HERE that you can use in your own business.

Warning: Just in case I offend anyone I'm letting you know in advance there are non politically correct statements and words on this page!


(Email written to a Plumbing Customer - most likely he was an engineer - they seem to be the biggest idea why!)

Dear Tom, 

Wow, if a professional tradesman dares to charge professional fees for his work he is called a rip off!

It seems we make easy targets to stick the boot in, and all...

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