I'll Do It Later

Some will call this time management.

Some will call it an excuse not to do something you know you need too.

Time management is something you tell yourself you need to get better at, so you can get the stuff done you keep putting off.

Often time management is used as an excuse to justify your procrastination about doing something you know, you must do, deep down, to improve your current situation.

The truth is, the richest and most successful plumber in the world has 24hrs a day to get stuff done!  That's exactly the same 24 hrs you have to get stuff done.

The major difference between the successful plumber and the plumber just getting by each week, is the strategy put in place to handle what has to get done.  There's no "I'll try and do it next week, next month, after Christmas, after the baby's born, after the renovation is done......next year".....................................! Am I being a bit harsh........Maybe....

But let's look at the facts for a second....., you're still going to have 24 hrs in your day - next week, next month, and next year.  Think about the reasons you tell yourself that you can't get the stuff, that you know you need to do, done.  Keep telling yourself you'll have more time to do them when...........next...............after........................ feel free to fill in the blanks with your own excuses.  Don't beat yourself up over the excuses, be honest with yourself.  Everyone does this to some degree, you, me, your staff, your wife. 

The people who achieve what they want, realise what they're doing, they hold themselves accountable, and move the stuff they keep putting off from the "I'll do it one day list" to the top of the  "I'm doing it now list".

The truth is, time management doesn't really exist! Think about it , you can't manage time - time will pass at exactly the same rate no matter what!  You can't change it!  One hour from your day will pass you after you've read this - regardless of how you think you're going to manage your time.

BUT.....you DO have 100% total control over what you will do in the next hour after reading this.  The point I'm trying to make is -time management is really TASK management.  You're in control of what you do, and what you achieve in your 24 hours. It's up to you.  Will you use your time to do the invoicing you haven't done because you haven't had time?  Will you do your accounts, that you haven't had time to do, so you know how much money you've made?

Will you follow up on the quotes you did last week or last month that you haven't had time to do?

You may be saying to yourself right around now..... "this guy is off his chops, this guy has no idea how many hours I worked this week.  It may be ok for this guy - but my life, my week, my business is different".........

I hear you, because I used to justify it in the same way when I was in your position.  I too, only have 24 hrs in my day, I too have to catch myself saying I don't have time, or I'll do it when...... When what......the stars are perfectly aligned?  When all my ducks are in a row?  When all my money is in the bank?......

How many times a day do you do this?  If you pay attention to your own thoughts, and are honest with yourself (self awareness). I think you may be surprised at what you discover about yourself and your current management of your time.........."tasks".

A 2014 Neilson Poll found that the average Australian watches 97 hours of TV a month, over 3 hours a day.  But the average person will say they don't have time to do the things they really need to do, or say they want to do.  Imagine what you could get done in just 4 weeks if you moved the tasks, the training, the invoices, the systems, the quote follow ups etc etc etc...to the top of your time management list for 1 month?  Or any other stuff you keep lying to yourself that you don't have time to do it.  The reality is, if you commit to it, you can make massive changes in your business and life in as little as 4 weeks.  Even if you only usually watch TV for 1 hour a day, can you honestly say that 30 hour's of doing stuff you keep putting off wouldn't make a difference?

SO......What how many times did you tell your yourself today............, or this week, "I'll do it later"?

Write them in the comments below, and lets get'm done!

PS: I'm just as bad at doing this as you are, I told myself I was too busy, and didn't have time to write a blog this week. So I moved it to the top of my list, and got it done!


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