Steve's On A Rant - Check Out This Customer Complaint Response!

Every now and then you'll reach that point.

That point where you just want to tell a complaining customer where to go!

This was a letter I wrote on one of those days.  Maybe a tad on the aggressive side.... but I felt so much better afterwards.  Needless to say I didn't hear back and I didn't keep this customer.

Would I recommend writing it again....

YES but in a scaled down version with a slightly softer approach - I've put a collection together of customer response letters HERE that you can use in your own business.

Warning: Just in case I offend anyone I'm letting you know in advance there are non politically correct statements and words on this page!


(Email written to a Plumbing Customer - most likely he was an engineer - they seem to be the biggest idea why!)

Dear Tom, 

Wow, if a professional tradesman dares to charge professional fees for his work he is called a rip off!

It seems we make easy targets to stick the boot in, and all...

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Does Your Calendar or Despatch Board Suck?

Let's cut to the chase.

It's time to ditch the Reece Diary!!!

Hey we're in the 21st century boys - pen and paper and scribble notes and dog eared pages are not for the modern plumber. It's time to embrace the online diary....

So where do you start? There are a multitude of plumbing software programs out there all being sold by extremely pushy salesmen salespeople (sorry trying to remember to be politically correct - it's hard for this old dog....) 

Hmmm and naturally each software company will tell you theirs is the best...
......just like you're the best plumber in your area... how do you really find out 'which one's the best'?

You know what - it starts with what your needs are. 

It's got nothing to do with the program itself.... 


Are you a one man band? Sole Trader? Do you have staff - how many?

Do you work for builders, on renovations, new work or commercial projects where you're most likely on a job for 1 day...

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I'll Do It Later

Some will call this time management.

Some will call it an excuse not to do something you know you need too.

Time management is something you tell yourself you need to get better at, so you can get the stuff done you keep putting off.

Often time management is used as an excuse to justify your procrastination about doing something you know, you must do, deep down, to improve your current situation.

The truth is, the richest and most successful plumber in the world has 24hrs a day to get stuff done!  That's exactly the same 24 hrs you have to get stuff done.

The major difference between the successful plumber and the plumber just getting by each week, is the strategy put in place to handle what has to get done.  There's no "I'll try and do it next week, next month, after Christmas, after the baby's born, after the renovation is year".....................................! Am I being a bit harsh........Maybe....

But let's look at the facts for a second.....,...

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