Ever thought there must be an easier way to run your HOME CONTRACTOR or TRADESMAN BUSINESS?

STOP trying to reinvent the wheel and grab a proven formula that's yours to use, tweak, and model off.

What's it all about?

Quite simply, we've created a Membership Resource Centre that contains everything we used in our own successful Plumbing business.... And we're sharing it with you. 

It's for Business Owners Who Are Skilled And Honest.....

But maybe not so great in the Office.

Sometimes the side effects may be hurting you financially...

Sometimes it might be about how having an out of control business has an impact on your family, personal life, and quite often, the sanity of everyone living in the same house as you.

What Can You Do About It?

Well, you might turn to the internet to look for answers, and in particular the FREE stuff.

Let's be realistic, that's what most people do. Even some of your potential customers do the same thing right?

But as you also know,  just because your potential customer watched a free "How to DIY your own plumbing/electrical/painting job" on You Tube, doesn't mean they have the right skill, tools and experience to do the job properly. 

And in most cases, they buy the wrong gear, and get the wrong advice.   

Throw in a lack of experience and it all adds up to a screwed-up job, which in almost all cases, costs a lot more time and money to fix than it should have.  And you think to yourself hmmm, if only they'd called us to do the job properly, they would have saved themselves a small fortune!!

And just like you, we regularly catch ourselves thinking the same thing about potential customers in our business!! 

Hi, I'm Steve Piper.

It's funny.... we often look at the "about" page to check out who's behind the product or service we're looking into.

Often, we find nothing about the person or people who created the site, - just more about what products and services they have to sell you.  

Sometimes there's not even a photo of the business owner to be found anywhere.


Possibly even worse...you find a page full of stuff where the business owner is raving on about how good he/she is, listing all their achievements and basically trying to convince you that they're the best person in the world for you to buy stuff from....

So Here's My 'About'

I'm 48.

I'm a licensed plumber, drainer, gasfitter and roofer.

I have a Wife, 2 kids and 1 rescue dog, and live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia.

I've been in the Plumbing Industry for 30 years and have done work for commercial, domestic, construction, maintenance, government agencies, strata and real estate customers. For about 20 of those years I ran my own Plumbing business called The Pied Plumber. (Which I sold, before starting this business)

More Stuff About Me

If You Don't Believe That Your Customers And Staff ARE The Biggest Assets Your Business Has.... Then You're Not Going To Enjoy My Methods and Systems.

I don't sell systems and training that will leave your customers or your staff feeling ripped off.

I don't sell stuff that is designed to keep you in an expensive coaching program for as long as possible. I've been in some of those, and they suck!

I don't do contracts, you're as free as a bird to come and go as you please.

If You're Looking For A Way To Make Money With No Ethics Or Integrity...Then this Community isn't For You.

If you want to make more money but don't really care how it effects your customers and/or staff, and you don't want to spend any time learning and practising new skills.... then you may need to head to a different site.



At The End Of The Day I'm just a plumber who:

Started a business, made plenty of mistakes, looked for help in the plumbing industry, couldn't find it, bought lots of training, products, services, books and coaching from outside the plumbing industry, and spent a few years adapting, changing and tweaking it until I had a formula that worked, and not just worked for me, but a formula that other contractors and tradesmen are now also using and achieving great results with.

B O T T O M   L I N E:

If you want actionable strategies and tactics you can use in your business pretty much straight away then you're in the right place. 


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