Discover the most powerful business strategies you can deploy to turn chaos into calm in 90 days or less - and all by just implementing one new strategy a week!


Do you Ask Yourself Any of These Questions?

How Can I Get My Team To Do Quotes, so that I don't have to?

Why Do My Competitors Look Like They're Doing Better Than Me?

How Do I Keep Enough Cash In The Bank?

How Do I Get Staff To Fill In Jobcards With Better Descriptions Than 'Fixed Stuffed Hotty'?

I Don't Want To Get Off The Tools Completely, But I'd Like To Know How To For Some Of The Time?

Why Does It Feel Like Sometimes My Technicians Are Making More Money Than Me?

What The Hell Does Social Media And Google Have To Do With My Business?

Why Does It Feel Like We're Going Round And Round But Never Really Getting Anywhere?

If this sounds like you, then you're in the right place. Come and join our Plumbers Community for Business Owners Just Like You!

Get all your questions answered AND get access to all the Systems, Templates, And Money Making Secrets You'll Ever Need In One Spot!

Want to Set Up Your Plumbing or Contractor Business So It's Organised, without having to spend your personal time chasing money owed, AND Manage To Give Yourself Time-Off Along The Way....?

(And maybe even buy that Jet Ski You've Been Wanting?)

It's Time To Create the Business You Want!

Don't let traditional ways of doing things paralyse your mind - be open to new ideas and ones that have been proven!


You've had enough of

Running yourself into the ground with all the quoting and invoicing at the end of the day!

Out of Time

You feel limited in what you can earn because there's just not enough hours in the day.

Where's the money?

Are you working non-stop, yet never seem to have enough money in the bank to pay your bills (or buy that JETSKI!!!)?

Where's The Problem?

You're not really sure what's working in your business and need help spotting problem areas.

Keep It Simple

You feel overwhelmed by all the different marketing strategies and business technologies and you just want to learn a simple way to put it all together (THAT WORKS)!

24/7 Access

You want to learn what you want, when you want to, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Devour the content as fast as you like! And with others who are on the same page as you!

So What Is Plumbing Profits?

Well, It's An Online Resource Centre That's Full Of Step By Step Guides, Templates, Secret Hacks And Unique “Systems”. The Same Ones We Used To Turn Our Own Award Winning Plumbing Business Into A Money Making Machine.

Everything in here can also work for Electricians, Painters, Pest Controllers, Landscape Gardeners, Pool Maintenance Businesses and more.... Pretty much any trades home maintenance or contractor business!

Just Implementing A Small Percentage Of What You'll Find Inside Our Products Could Lead To A Business Breakthrough You Never Expected Possible.

IMAGINE... what things could look like...


We believe that just implementing 15% of our systems and tools could lead to a huge gain in missing profit.

 That’s right, you could implement this stuff badly and STILL get your investment back.

We reveal things like:

  • How to work out your real hourly charge out rates. We go into the exact blueprint we used to learn how to charge what your business needs with precision and intention to maximize your chances of success (and profit).
  • Find out exactly how much money you need to make before you make a cent in profit, and how it will change the way you work. Learn why you need to value your time as much as money, and why you need to know who your ideal customer is.
  • The secret to creating simple, effective techniques to Stop Leaving Money On The Table. Discover how to make your customers keep coming back, tips and tricks on adding perceived value for little effort, and how to make the right impression on them every time.
  • We show you why sales is NOT an 'evil skill' and how you don't need to use high pressure tactics as well as how easy it is to exceed your customers expectations. We'll also cover dealing with clients that price shop and haggle over the phone, and how to handle scheduling all those incoming calls.  
  • How to run an organised 'Back End'. This is the area most business owners don't want to pay much attention to.  Who can blame you, it's not seen to be a money making area and it can take up so much of our time if it's not setup correctly - not to mention a whole lot of headaches! Lucky for you we've broken this all down into just the chunks you actually need.
  • The art and science of keeping customers for life.  Keep customers coming back time and again, who only want to deal with you.... and won't leave you for your competition. That's what this section is all about. You’ll get a “sneak peek” at how we did this. We guarantee you’ll get several “a-ha” moments when you go through this section.
  • Our marketing secrets…revealed for the first time.  Learn effective, simple marketing techniques to increase the number of jobs for your plumbing business AND the secrets to 7 different strategies, complete with templates and examples for you to use. We also cover how to make sure you don't throw your $$$ away on marketing that doesn't work!
  • Templates & Cheat Sheets Galore. Save yourself some time and copy and tweak the templates we provide or just use them as is. You'll find Templates for Invoices, Job Booking Sheets, Incoming Call Registers, Leave Ahead Flyers for Customers, Customer Complaint Letters, Customer Thank You Letters, On the Job Arrival Procedures, Tips & Tricks and words to use with customers, Phone Scripts, Terms & Conditions, Billable Hours, and even a suggested Chart of Accounts for your Accounting Software.... plus a whole lot more. 
  • And a Whole Lot More....


How long will it take you to FIGURE ALL THIS OUT BY YOURSELF” through trial, error, and testing?

How long will it take you to piecemeal a business plan from a myriad of sources, put them together, and hope and pray it will work?

These are strategies it would otherwise take you YEARS to discover, yet we give them to you on a silver platter when you take action today and invest in your future.

You’ll Also Get A Stack of Templates, Checklists, & Cheat Sheets You Can Easily “Swipe And Deploy” Into Your Own Business…

So.... these aren't products that you download, let sit on your shelf, and call it a day. This is an online library full of systems, lessons and information that’ll “take you by the hand” and SHOW you how to do them.

A one of a kind Resource & Community, created by people who understand the Home Service Maintenance Industry because they've lived and breathed it.

You'll get access to video modules, cheat sheets, templates, resource guides, and every tool you need to help turn your business into a profitable machine with confidence and ease.

Develop the skills and confidence needed to be the best Home Service Maintenance Business in your area.

Complete handholding as you walk through EVERY step needed to create or transform your Plumbing Business.

Our Resources and Tools aren't for you if:

You're a Builder, or ONLY undertake new and commercial work.

You prefer face to face teaching in a classroom or hotel room as opposed to in the comfort of your own office or home, or even local coffee shop.

You're not in a place to commit and do the work to make changes to improve your business.

You're not open to hearing new ideas to help improve your future. In other words, you think you know everything already....

 You're unethical and ONLY out to make money - you don't care about your customers or staff if you have any.

What are you waiting for?
For every day that passes, not grabbing these tools, is costing you more money....

It's Your Choice - which path will you choose?


Where do I start.... The effect these trainings have had on my plumbing business is like night and day. More money in the bank and happier customers than I've ever had before... I now have a real business. Every plumber should do this! Their customer service is great, Steve and Penny go above and beyond, they are truly invested in both my success and the success of my business. Steve you are a great mentor keep up the good work mate!

Steve and Penny will go to the moon and back for all clients. I have learn't so much from this material with them helping me every step of the way. Highly recommended!!!

Brad Lyons

BML Plumbing

Brad Lyons

BML Plumbing

Refreshing to finally find a business such as Plumbing Profits, the personal touch and attention to detail is second to none I have come across. Plumbers helping Plumbers. If your struggling with implementing ideas or finding it all a little overwhelming like me, chances are Steve and Penny will have a solution which will benefit you greater then you could imagine. Never hurts to ask the question, you never know where it could lead your business.

Tom Ellis


Tom Ellis


Thanks mate for the really big eye opener!

Steven Bahbah

Fixed Today

Steven Bahbah

Fixed Today

Your dream, your lifestyle, your freedom… they’re all worth investing in. Stop putting off your happiness, and take action on creating the kind of business (and income) you truly want.


F A Q s

  • Do you offer Refunds?
  • Your satisfaction with our any of our products and/or services is important to us. Yet, because of the extensive time, effort, preparation and care that goes into creating and/or providing these materials, and the fact that once you've gained access - well you already have the product and you can't exactly give it back like a piece of clothing..... therefore we have a no refund policy.  By using and/or purchasing any of our Course, Products, Services or Resource Materials, you understand and agree that all sales are final and no refunds will be provided. That being said we're happy to discuss this on a case by case basis and hear your feedback.

  • Can I Cancel My Plumbers Business Secrets Membership?
  • Absolutely. You are free to cancel your membership any time. You will be granted access for the current month you are paid up to to give you time to download any materials you need.

  • Can I give my staff access as well?
  • Sure --- However, be aware that the majority of information inside is really geared towards you as the business owner.  There are some parts you may not want your staff having access to.

    Note: we have separated all Staff learning materials into a different area, and you can ask for a separate login for that area only, so that all of the other material is for you only.

  • If I have a question, can I get help?
  • Yes - this is what the Private Facebook Group page is all about. Tradies (Contractors for our U.S. friends) helping tradies (no sledging or bagging out tolerated, and those that do will be kicked out of both the membership and the facebook group). We will be in the group answering questions as well, so you'll have access to expert advice as well as advice from your peers.

  • Something is not working as expected, where do I go for support?
  • All support is provided by sending an email to [email protected]

  • Can I refer a Friend? Will you give me a discount?
  • We'd love you to refer a mate in the industry.  If you think you know someone that can benefit then please share this site with them and encourage them to join the membership.  

    And as far as a discount for you.... we actually have a referral program.  To find out more CLICK HERE. (COMING SOON!!)

  • What Countries are these tools, workshops, and products suitable for?
  • Because we live in such a global online world now, you'll find many of the resources, tools, apps etc that we recommend or discuss, are available worldwide.

    Having said that, the information is in English only and will be more aligned with these Countries:



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